Kilimanjaro Challenge by Lyna & Georges Abou Adal

One dollar was donated for every meter climbed on Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain on earth. This is how Lyna and Georges Abou Adal decided to fundraise for Heartbeat and help save a child’s life. Lyna had never climbed more than 100 meters in her life and Georges prided himself for having run half a mini-marathon. Nevertheless, after seven days of walking at a pace of 0.5km/hour and crossing five climate zones at temperatures ranging from 30 to -20 degrees, the Abou Adal couple conquered the mountain on February 4, 2015, reaching the African peak at 5,895 m of altitude. The challenge was rewarding not just on a personal level, as the couple doubled their target goal.
Thank you Lyna and Georges for challenging yourselves to save children’s hearts and kudos to your determination!