Meet our team

In 2005, a group of physicians and surgeons at Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut established the Heartbeat Association under a partnership with the international association La Chaîne de l’Espoir (The Chain of Hope).

Today, over 100 people from all walks of life are involved in our work, from medical staff, to performing artists and volunteers.


Ramzi Ashoush (President)

Medical Doctor, Cardiac Surgery

Victor Jebara (Vice-President)

Medical Doctor, Cardiac Surgery

Carla Zahlan (Secretary)

YellowKorner, Beirut

Gabriel Menassa (Accountant)

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Rim El Baltaji

Project Manager, Heartbeat

Ramzi El Hafez

Founder and General Manager, Infopro

Maia Fayad

Head Marketing Communication, Byblos Bank

Antoine Fadel

President, ATG Holding

Khalil Assha

Legal advisor

Rim Hitti

Social Assistant, Heartbeat

Tony Abdel Massih

Medical Doctor, Cardiology

Jad Habib

Medical Doctor, Family medicine

Cynthia Ahsoush

Head of medical purchases, HDF

Anne-Marie El Hage

Journalist, L'Orient Le Jour

Fady El Hage

Doctor of dental surgery

Nicole Gebara

Medical Doctor, Family medicine

Jessy Karam

Founder 'Strawberries & Champagne'

Hovsep Guerboyan

Creative Director, IMPACT BBDO

Nada Abi Saleh

Managing Director, Leo Burnett

Nathalie Dimas

Founder at 'nd'. Graphic Designer.

Elie Bekhazi


Manal Ghandour Haddad

Basile Choueiri

Daisy Jazzar

Najib Khairallah

Paula Mtaini

YelloKorner, Beirut

Roula Ghostine

Vice Dean Faculty of Economics, USJ

Wadih Renno

Researcher, McGill University

Caline Chaya Chaoul

Food Revolution