Over the years, we’ve received the help of many generous partners. With the funds and support they give, we’re saving more than 300 children every year.

our partners

Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital
Heartbeat is affiliated with the "Centre du Coeur de l'Enfant" (The Children Heart Center) at Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut. It also benefits from local offices available free of charge and reduced hospital stays to treat its patients.
La Chaine de l’Espoir

Since its inception, Heartbeat has been the equivalent Lebanese branch of the international association CDE. Heartbeat and CDE (based in Paris) established programs to support the treatment of 120 Iraki and 50 Syrian refugee children with congenital heart disease. All interventions took place at HDF hospital in Beirut

AlWaleed Philanthropies
The collaboration with AlWaleed Philanthropies started in 2006 under the personal care of Mrs. Leila El Solh Hamade, Vice-President of the Foundation, and consists of a regular contribution that covers the cost of treatment for tens of children each as well as the establishment of “Al Waleed Bin Talal” Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” and the “Centre du Coeur de l’Enfant” at HDF.
Al-Othman Charitable Foundation

As one of the most respected and generous Kuwaity foundations in Lebanon, Al-Othman Charitable Foundation started in 2020 a partnership program with Heartbeat to treat children with congenital heart disease (both atrial and ventricular septal defects). This program has contributed to date in saving the lives of over 100 children suffering from congenital heart disease.

Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan

The RCBC has initiated a program for the treatment of 10 children suffering from heart disease. It has also donated two state-of-the-art pediatric and neonatal ventilators, among other medical equipment, intended to bolster the resources of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and the ‘Centre du Coeur de l'Enfant'.

Let It Beat

Heartbeat and the Swiss-based foundation Let It Beat have been working together since 2015, in a program that provides for the treatment of 12 children every year, with the coordination of Professor Beghetti, head of pediatric cardiology of the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva.

Ministry of Public Health

The Lebanese government provides healthcare for the needy, and help cover the majority of patients' hospital bills. For deprived families, Heartbeat helps to cover all remaining expenses, as well as outpatient bills and follow-up costs ensuring that no child with heart disease is left untreated due to a lack of funds.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Since 2012, following the devastating war in Syria, Heartbeat has witnessed an increased number of Syrian refugee children being referred for treatment. A partnership has been established with UNHCR to treat these children, saving, to date, the lives of more than 350 children born with heart disease.

Bank Audi
First partner of the association when it was established in 2005, Bank Audi remains one of the main pillars of Heartbeat.
Choueiry Group
A loyal partner from the beginning, Choueiri Group covers and promotes our fundraising and social events on all media channels.
Sylvie Saliba

Making Heartbeat events shine with her prestigious jewelry

Tewtel Group
With many car brands under its belt, Tewtel Group keeps Heartbeat on the right track.
Aishti Group
Adding glamour, fashion, and style at every event
Sel & Poivre
Shaping our hearts with its beautiful designs

Filling our heart and stomach at every event


Heartbeat has become a regional reference for the treatment of CHD and it will be contributing to raising the level of medical education in this field in the entire Middle East.
Pr. Alain Deloche, Chairman La Chaine de l’Espoir
No matter how much time and effort I dedicate towards helping the cause of Heartbeat, I still feel the urge to do more. The reward? What could be better than knowing that your time and effort went towards mending little broken hearts!
Maxime Chaya, Heartbeat Ambassador
To live a Heartbeat concert is a real treat, especially since all the funds raised are entirely committed to the noble cause of saving children.
Johan Verkammen, Ambassador of Belgium
Their dedication has inspired me and I support their efforts in the hope that no more heart-stricken babies will go untreated in the future.  
Raymond Audi, Chairman Bank Audi


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